PSSMWG Starter Bundle



This bundle is called the PSSMWG Starter Bundle and contains content with the follwing GunGirls:

  • Andreia
  • Andrea
  • Angelina
  • The Dominatrix
  • Jessica
  • Mara
  • Rose
Type Name of the Content GunGirl
Pictures Andreia and her Walther PPK Andreia
Pictures Angelina with her Guns Angelina
Pictures GunGirls: Andrea and Rose Andrea / Rose
Movie Hitwoman Mina and her Revolver Mina
Pictures Jessica and her Beretta Jessica
Pictures Mara with her Guns Mara
Movie PVC Girl kills PVC Man (4K) Jessica
Movie Short Process (4K) Andreia
Movie The Bad Bang (4K) Andreia
Movie The Dominatrix Kill The Dominatrix
Movie The First and the Last Date (4K) Jessica


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