Hi everyone

Some news about the payment methods we offer you in our shop.

At the moment the only two available methods are PayPal or Crypto Payments. At the beginning we also had CreditCard payment option, but we needed to remove this option from our PSSMWG Digital Shop.

At the moment we can not directly implement that option in our shop again and so we try to find alternatives and then we found Gumroad that is compatible with our shop software.

So we setup a new category in our shop called "PSSMWG via Gumroad" where will bit by bit make the same content available as in our PSSMWG Digital Shop. When you click on the "Buy Now" button in this category you will be transferd to the Gumroad Payment page and you can pay via CreditCard and after the payment was successfull you have directly access to the content purched. There is no difference in the content buyed via Gumroad or in the PSSMWG Digital Shop.

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