Hello everyone. Little news about a few new additions to the PSSMWG Digital Shop:

We made some old stuff available in the shop with the Legacy GunGirls (and put everything in a bundle right away).

The fastest 5 users can benefit from a 10% discount.

Use the following code in the checkout:


If he is accepted, then you were fast enough ­čÖé

There is content from the following GunGirls available for single purchase or in the Lagacy GunGirl Bundle:

  • Andreia
  • Andrea
  • Angelina
  • The Dominatrix
  • Jessica
  • Mara
  • Rose
No Downloads found.

Please also take note of the following information:

For copyright reasons, for GunGirl P. we no longer makes any content available and this will not change (not even in the future) Thank you for taking note!